Final Report

  • Within 12 months of the completion of their project, all grant recipients must submit a final report to, marked «Final Report from Applicant xxx».
  • The report should use the successful application as a starting point and contain a short account of the execution of the project, details about how The Bergesen Foundation's supporting role has been promoted, and project accounts showing how the grant has been spent. Please quote relevant visitor numbers/sales numbers/reader numbers and any reviews.
  • For grants over NOK 200.000 we require audited accounts.
  • If your project had a physical output (e.g. a book or a catalogue) we require 3 copies of the output, in addition to the final report and accounts.
  • If your project produced film or sound output (e.g. a podcast) we require a digital file of the output. If the output is a film, we require a compressed file under 3GB.
  • We require relevant image materials from all projects granted support. The file name must contain the correct image credit information. We may use these images on our website to promote our support of the project.

Status Report

  • If the project is delayed or materially changed, we require a status report. Please contact us by email if you have any questions about this. If the new project differs significantly from the project description that was submitted as part of the application, you can apply to have the funding reallocated, but this is not necessarily automatically approved. Applications to have funding reallocated must be sent in writing to
  • The Bergesen Foundation may require the grant to be returned if the project is not carried out in accordance with the plan outlined in the original application.