The Bergesen Foundation was established in 1975, since when it has supported more than 4500 projects in many different sectors, by a variety of originators.

A public benefit foundation works differently from a special interest group or business foundation. The Bergesen Foundation can help as a potential alternative, or supplementary source of funding for public benefit projects, where these cannot be fully funded either from the public purse or the wider market.

Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association state: "The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and should not undertake commercial activities. Its objective is to support public benefit projects that are not publicly funded. It will give particular consideration to projects within the fields of culture and humanitarian work.” The Articles of Association further state that the Foundation should “seek to promote the acquisition of specialized knowledge that benefits the general public.” Therefore, the Foundation also provides funding for specific research projects, primarily in the field of medicine.

Applications and Awards

The Bergesen Foundation receives more than 1200 grant requests annually. There are three to four annual application and award cycles. This means that the time between the application deadline and outcome is relatively short. In some cases, we also cooperate with stakeholders in our focus areas to deliver larger projects over several years.

All grant awards and rejections are decided by The Bergesen Foundation's Board of Trustees. The projects we support often receive funding from several different sources, and we recommend that all applicants research other foundations and potential public and private funding opportunities for their activities and projects. You can read more about the application process here and how grants have been awarded during recent years, here.

Eco-Lighthouse and National Range

The Bergesen Foundation achieved Eco-Lighthouse certification in August 2020. We will continue to pursue environmentally responsible practices and encourage our applicants and partners to do the same.

The Bergesen Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees with seven members and an Administration consisting of two full-time equivalent positions. We are based in Oslo, but the Foundation supports projects all over the country.


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