Section 18 in The Foundations Act states:

«The foundation’s capital shall be adequately managed, ensuring that sufficient consideration is at all times given to the security of the capital and the opportunities for assuring a satisfactory return in order to achieve the foundation’s object.»

The Foundation's Board of Trustees continually reviews, comprehensively manages and tightly controls the asset management in accordance with the Foundations Act.

2020 Guideline Review

The Bergesen Foundation adopted new guidelines for responsible investments at their board meeting 26th March 2020, as part of the preparatory work for the Eco-Lighthouse certification. These guidelines state:

«The Foundation presupposes that achieving a good return over time depends on sustainable development in terms of the economy, climate, environment and society in general ... The Bergesen Foundation wants to gradually increase its exposure to funds that contribute to the resolution of sustainability challenges, including climate and environmental challenges, within the framework of current yield expectations.»

Investment Advisor

The Bergesen Foundation has appointed an external, independent investment advisor, Grieg Investor AS, to help with the long-term stewardship of the Foundation’s assets. Read more about the company on