• Is it possible to apply for support on behalf of several projects simultaneously?

    Yes, but we recommend that you prioritize the applications, as one applicant is rarely granted support for several projects in the same application cycle.

  • Is it possible to submit a new application before I have completed a previously supported project?

    Yes, but you need to submit a status report for the ongoing project at the same time as you submit a new application.

  • Is it possible to apply for support for the same project multiple times, even if the application has been rejected in the past?

    You can only reapply for a project that was previously rejected, if new aspects or elements have been added to the project since the last application. Please contact post@bergesenstiftelsen.no to request an assessment of whether the new aspects or elements qualify for a new application. If they do, an updated application must be submitted via the application portal by the usual application deadline, clearly highlighting any new aspects and elements. Please state that you have applied for support for the relevant project in the past.

  • What does The Bergesen Foundation look for during the assessment of an application?

    The application must show that the project is carefully thought out and implementable, and that it meets The Bergesen Foundation’s project criteria. We support projects within the fields of cultural and humanitarian work, and projects that span both categories. Provided the application hits this mark and meets the foundation’s other project criteria, it is important that the application clearly outlines what the project is about and where and when it will be implemented. Let us know who you are, and who your collaborators are. What is your background? We always focus on the feasibility of the project. The next question we ask is whether the applicant receives technical or financial support from anyone else. Will the project reach a large number of people?

  • What is the upper limit for grants?

    We support projects with grants from NOK10.000 to several hundred thousand kroner. See also below – funding from several different sources is positively viewed. Search through previous grant allocations to get an impression of The Bergesen Foundation’s previous allocation record.

  • Should I apply to several funding sources?

    The Bergesen Foundation views projects with multiple funding sources in a positive light. You can find information about other foundations and endowments via Stiftelsesforeningen (the Association of Norwegian Charitable Foundations) or Legathåndboken (an overview of available grants and endowments in Norway).

  • How do I log on to the application portal?

    You log on to the application portal here.

  • When do I get the result of the application?

    All applicants will be notified of the outcome via the application portal as soon as possible following the decision-making board meeting, whether the application is granted or not. There is more information under Apply for support about when you can expect a response from us. Therefore, there is no need to contact us via email or phone for updates on the application, the process or the likely response date. We remind prospective applicants that The Bergesen Foundation does not award grants in arrears. You are therefore advised to apply well before the project start date.

  • Are grants from The Bergesen Foundation subject to tax?

    Project support of this kind may be classed as income from self-employment. All grant recipients should contact their accountant or the tax office directly to clarify the tax implications of the project support. Actual expenses are often deductible.

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