• When the project is completed, you will receive an email notification to fill in a final report on a form located under “Mine oppgaver” (My tasks) in the portal. The form is based on the fields in the application form. (This is valid for applications granted from 2022 onwards. Final reports for projects granted an allocation in 2020 and 2021 should be submitted via email to post@bergesenstiftelsen.no.)
  • The final report must be submitted within 6 months of the completion of the project.
  • Should you wish to move the end date forward, you can do this in the application portal. The request is automatically approved, and the final report form is generated shortly afterwards.
  • Please contact the administration via the portal under “Henvendelse til saksbehandler” (Contact administration) if you need to delay the submission of the final report.
  • For grants over NOK 200.000 we require audited accounts. Upload the accounts under “Vedlegg” (Attachments) in the final report form.
  • If your project has a physical output, e.g. a book or a catalogue, we require 3 copies of the output.
  • If you were granted support for a film or sound project (i.e. a podcast) we request that you add the link to the published version in the final report form.
  • We require relevant images and/or illustrations from all projects granted support. The file name must contain the correct image credit information. We may use these images on our web pages to promote our support of the project.
  • If you want to apply for support from The Bergesen Foundation for a new project before submitting the final report for a previous project, the application must include a status report for the previous project. A status report is a short account of the status and progress of the project.
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