• All applications have to be submitted – on our application form in MS Word format – to soknad@bergesenstiftelsen.no, within one of our four annual application deadlines. Any applications received after a deadline has passed will be automatically moved to the next deadline, unless the applicant withdraws the application, or wants to update it.
  • You must state the project start date and duration on the form. Note that you have to apply well before the project start date, as we do not award grants after the fact.
  • All applications must contain a cost and funding statement. Voluntary work cannot be converted to a monetary value and included in the funding plan. All posts in the funding plan must include VAT.
  • Any applications for grants over NOK 100.000 also have to include a key activity schedule. If the delivery of your project is dependent on any approvals or permits, the necessary documentation must be attached to the application form.
  • The application must clearly state who is applying for support, and give detailed information about the project and how it will be delivered.
  • The projects we support often receive funding from several different sources. We recommend that all applicants research additional foundations and potential public and private funding opportunities for their projects, for example via Stiftelsesforeningen (The Association of Norwegian Charitable Foundations) or Legathåndboken (an overview of available grants and endowments in Norway).
  • The applying organisation must be the named owner of the bank account that any grant is paid into.
  • Further applications may be submitted, provided a final report or status report has been submitted for any previously awarded grants.

Mandatory Enclosures

  • A short CV of the project owner (applications for medical research grants must also include a publication list)
  • Letters of intent (if required, i.e. exhibition agreements, publishing agreements, agreements with exhibition premises, other collaboration agreements)
  • Images (max. two low resolution .jpeg images with no text; the file name must contain the correct image credit information. We may publish submitted images on our web site if a grant is awarded)
    Download application form