• You have to register a user profile to log in and use the application portal. When you set up a personal user profile, the username you register under (your email address) will be used by The Bergesen Foundation as the contact address for future communications about the application.
  • The digital application form contains instructions and advice, and we recommend that you read these carefully.
  • The projects we support often receive funding from several different sources. We recommend that all applicants research additional foundations and potential public and private funding opportunities for their projects, for example via Stiftelsesforeningen (The Association of Norwegian Charitable Foundations) or Legathåndboken (an overview of available grants and endowments in Norway).
  • You may submit multiple applications, provided a final report or status report has been submitted for any previously awarded funding (from 2020 onwards). For applications that are granted from 2022 onwards, you can submit the final report via the application portal. Final reports for successful applications from 2020 and 2021 should be submitted via email to post@bergesenstiftelsen.no.
  • You can only reapply for a project that was previously rejected if new aspects or elements have been added to the project since the last application. Please contact the administration via “Henvendelse til saksbehandler” (Contact administration) in the application portal to request an assessment of whether the new aspects or elements would qualify for a new application. If they do, an updated application must be submitted by the usual application deadline, clearly highlighting the new aspects and elements.
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