• By “public benefit” we mean projects and activities which benefit the wider community and the population at large. This means that the applicant must identify which target audiences the project is aimed at and how exposure to these target audiences will be achieved. There are separate fields for this information in the application form in the Foundation's application portal.
  • The Foundation supports projects of all sizes. Please refer to previous grants here.
  • The Bergesen Foundation also supports projects generating new knowledge and insights that will benefit society as a whole, especially research and dissemination projects related to climate, environment and sustainability, and to patient-centred medical research.

The following is not supported and will result in an automatic rejection of the application:

  • Activities and projects that have already been completed at the time the application is processed (approx. 2 months after the application deadline)
  • Projects outside Norway (including foreign aid)
  • Purely private purposes such as educational financing, travel or personal aids
  • Basic research and research projects without affiliation to a university or other recognised institution
  • School trips, school productions, student revues or drama societies, or student festivals
  • Fiction writing, commemorative publications and translations
  • Archiving and digitization projects without a plan for public outreach
  • Fiction films
  • Competitions and prize giving
  • Commercial initiatives and entities
  • Religious purposes
  • Party political or special interest purposes

The following is not ordinarily supported:

  • Operational running costs (e.g. operational costs that would need to be applied for every year and that are not applicable to a particular project)
  • Recording of music
  • Dramatic art projects without a production agreement
  • Exhibition projects without an exhibition agreement
  • Book projects without a publishing agreement
  • Instruments or equipment for bands or sports clubs
  • Private or closed arrangements and activities (i.e. members’ only activities in societies, associations, choirs etc.)
  • Workshops with limited attendance; internal training; skills development that does not serve the common good
  • Purchase and operation of church organs
  • Cultural heritage management that does not serve the common good, and that does not involve a plan for public outreach
  • Physical buildings and infrastructure (such as construction or refurbishment of sports facilities, cultural centres, etc.)

This list was published on December 15, 2021 and is valid from the first application deadline in 2022 onwards.

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